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Event Report

Seek a Snowflake | 13.3.2017 - 19.3.2017

520 Event Participants

The Organization staged by Amfiklia Ski Club, was the second pilot part of the "Seek a Snowflake" program, the Hellenic Snow Day to be implemented every Year.
5 primary Schools participated during the first 5 days of the Event and 7 Skiclubs with their youngsters during the Weekend. Events and 3 parks were staged for Alpine Skiing.The Event had a hudge success and the Prefecture of central Greece covered all transpotation costs for all primary schools and ski clubs..
We attracted children who had no previous sports experience in the snow
• We introduced ski racing in a fun and pleasurable way
• We assessed children’s ability in 3 different skills parks with individual HWSF Passport Levels
• This Event will become the annual National snow day celebration for children and their families and we will increase the number of Events every year.

The personal HWSF passport rewards the skier for their achievements and promotes a sense of progress as they advance through the various technical skills levels. This allows for a continuity to be created among Clubs & Ski Schools and across snow sport education. Each event will be an instigator that will result in new children participating in ski racing, and also skiing for leisure.

Special Offers

- Free ski passes
- Free entry tickets
- Free transportation
- Free gifts & prizes
- Discounted skis/snowboards use
- Discounted ski/snowboard lessons
- Discounted food & drink

Passing first Snowflake test
Passing Second Snowflake Test
Passing Third Snowflake Test

Seek a Snowflake
Parnassos Kelaria & Fterolaka Ski Resorts
Patision 71
10434 Athens
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