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2nd Edition of the IRCLTP Released

In 2015, FIS published the 1st edition of the International Report on Children’s Lift Ticket Prices. When the project was commenced FIS stated that report would be updated every three years. Now in 2018, the second edition has been published.

To gather the data for the report the research team looked at 767 resort websites between October and December 2017. Prices which are only displayed on a resorts website are then recorded. Special prices for groups, travel wholesalers, tourism operators are not recorded as these can vary widely.

The 2nd edition revealed a number of facts. These include:

• The global average for 1 day child lift pass has risen from 27.81CHF in 2015 to 32.61CHF.
• The global average for a 6 days child lift pass has risen from 143.01CHF in 2015 to 165.23CHF.
• Only three countries exceeded the global average.
• 37% of resorts offer half priced (or less) tickets for children. An increase of 1% to the last report.
• 67% of resorts offer a discounted price to children aged 16 or younger. This is an increase of 5% on the previous report.
• The number of resorts offering some form of family discount on standard lift ticket prices has decreased from 35% to 32%.
• 9% of resorts examined offer half priced (or less) tickets for children, a discount for children to the age 16 or and offer some form of family discount on standard lift ticket prices all together. This is nearly double the figure of 5% found in the previous study.

As well as a global analysis, the report also analysed each of the primary ski nations. Compared to the previous report a national average was able to be calculated for each country. Based on the findings the top three cheapest countries for children’s lift tickets are:

1. Russia
2. Slovenia
3. Hungary

To download the report click the link below: