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Korea Activates SnowKidz

First SnowKidz Events Take Place in Korea
After hosting the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, many asked the question how the country will maintain the interest in snow sports. The answer, introduce the next generation.

The charge to introduce the next generation has been propelled by the Korean Ski Instructors Association (KSIA). After registering for SnowKidz in the summer of 2018, the KSIA have waisted no time and hosted their first SnowKidz event in the Starhill Resort. The event saw a combination of activities for both experienced skiers and new comers all of which could benefit from discounted lift passes and a mountain of side activities. All in all 300 children participated in the event and Organisers were thrilled at the results.

Relive some of the memories from the event in the gallery below and be sure to visit www.snowkidz.com to follow the progress of the KSIA.