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Organiser Care Packages pre-information

On the 15th October 2018 at 08:00CET, SnowKidz will release the applications for the brand new Organiser Care Packages. The Organiser Care Packages are physical items provided to SnowKidz Organisers to help stage their events. The items in the packages are based on the feedback from Event Organisers, all packages are free of charge and best of all recipients get to the keep the items after their event.

Prior to the launch of the package SnowKidz wanted to provide some helpful information to Organisers wishing to obtain the items:

1. To obtain the items Organisers must be a registered SnowKidz Organiser and have events registered for the upcoming winter. To complete the registration click here.

2. There is a limited quantity of 100 packages. As such distribution will be done of a “first come, first server basis”.

3. Organisers who receive the items must complete the SnowKidz report after their event. Failure to do so will disqualify Organisers from the next release of Care Packages.

4. A separate application for the package must be completed. This can be found a registered Organisers SnowKidz account.

SnowKidz expects that all packages will be snapped up quickly. Therefore Organisers should register their events as soon as possible to be eligible.

For more information on the Organiser Care Packages click the link below: