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Record Summer

Despite the warm weather its been a record SnowKidz Summer
For SnowKidz, the 2018 summer was a record year.

From June to August, a record 26 events were held in eight countries. Amongst this group, the Southern Hemisphere was very active with resorts such as Thredbo (AUS) hosting nine events, including the Torah Bright Mini-Shred, and Brazil hosting four events with the Brazilian Roller Ski Circuit.

Meanwhile in the Northern Hemisphere, Organisers such as Scuola Sci and Snowboard Equipe Falcade (ITA) hosted another edition of the “Week 4 Kids”, while England saw the launch of the “Futures Sessions” and in Slovenia, SK Vuzenica, hosted a series of summer inline roller blading activities.

While the seasons have officially changed, there are still many events on the horizon. For the full list of SnowKidz events visit www.snowkidz.com.