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The Brave Ski Mom - We Asked Kids What Makes a Good Ski Day

When it comes to defining a good ski day, kids have opinions.

Using social media, we asked kids to share these opinions. We received responses from kids ages 3 to 18 from across North America.

Snow, Glorious Snow

Not unlike many skiers of all ages, kids are obsessed with snow conditions. In particular, they love powder.

They also like skiing in sunshine, but not wind or rain. And they appreciate clothing that keeps them warm, no matter what the conditions.

Some kids are quite specific, like 9 year-old Claire from Lake Tahoe. For her, a good ski day is one when the weather is “just below freezing, snowing lightly, with powder.”

Esme, an 8 year-old from Utah, enjoys skiing powder “because of the way you float on top of it.” Anna, 13, from Colorado, describes powder skiing as” flowing and smooth.”

Others like Soledad, 11, from New York City, prefer groomed terrain, especially when followed up by a “homemade lunch.”

Snacks and Treats

Soledad isn’t the only skier who thinks lunch is important. For many of these kids, ski days are special days because of the food.

Hungry kids can be unhappy (and cold) kids, so smart ski parents know the importance of keeping their children fueled.

Favorite treats reserved just for ski days include hot chocolate, parmesan garlic fries, candy hidden in pockets, red licorice, chocolate waffles, and even a “smashed peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

And then there is poutine, a signature Canadian dish of french fries, cheese curds and gravy which received several shout outs. In particular, poutine is special for Washington State resident Eli, 11, because it means he is skiing in Canada.

Skiing is Social

Ski days are good days when families and friends ski together.

In general, younger kids especially appreciate skiing with their siblings and parents, although Tygh, a f 5 year-old from Colorado, is adamant that while he likes “hanging out with my friends, my mom and my dad,” his older sister Hazel is not on his list of preferred ski buddies.

Still, these two siblings have something in common. They both enjoy skiing fast, or as Tygh puts it, “going fast, really, really fast!”

Another pair of siblings, Brayden, 14, and Emily, 15, agree that a good ski day includes friends and family, but not necessarily parents, relishing those times when they’re turned loose to explore the mountain together.

On the flipside, Luke, 16, and Hanna, 12, share that their best days are spent “always skiing as a family,” with a lot of jumps, moguls and trees thrown in for fun.

For Jack, age 15, skiing with friends is even more important than skiing on good snow.

As he puts it, “The most important thing for me is skiing with people I enjoy. It improves friendships to do outdoor activities.”

Finally, some kids appreciate social time on the chairlift.

“Our best ski days are when there is no rain, lots of snacks, dry clothes and lots of laughs on the chairlift,” share Hannah, 8, and Abby, 5, from Alaska.

For 10-year-old Oliver, the laughs and fun multiply with more people. He specifically likes riding quad chairlifts with his brother, friends and “sometimes my mom” while lapping the terrain park.

What Kids Don’t Like

Many kids believe that crowds and lift lines can dampen the fun.

“Having the trails to ourselves,” is a priority for 5 year-old Ashlyn. “Not too many people on the slopes,” shares Alena, 15.

Safety is a concern, according to Utahns Anibel, 12, and Abishai, 10. They enjoy skiing when they can avoid “out of control skiers and snowboarders.”

Nine-year-old Noah of Alberta also dislikes crowds and offers a full-day strategy.

“Hit the busy runs in the morning. Have an early lunch so you don’t have to search for seats in the lodge. Take quiet runs in the afternoon.”

Finally, Brady, 18, of Colorado puts a positive spin on it.

“A good ski day is when the bulk of the day is spent making turns, not waiting in lift lines.”

Every Ski Day is a Good Day

While kids have clear opinions about what makes a good, great or perfect ski day, for most of them, and for us, any day spent skiing is a good day.

Tom, who at 13 is an Assistant Ski Instructor at Marble Mountain in Newfoundland, states it well.

“If you’re skiing, it isn’t possible for it to be a bad day. Any day on skis and in the mountains is better than being anywhere else.”


Hailing from Colorado (USA) Kristen Lummis, or as she is better known, the Brave Ski Mom, is an avid skier and true family mum in every sense of the word. www.thebraveskimom.com