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Alla på snö reports excellent results

Recently the Swedish Ski Federation issued a survey to Alla på snö participating schools in order evaluated its initiative. The result? Nothing short of amazing.

For people not familiar with Alla på snö, Alla på snö is the Swedish Ski Federation's initiative to get more children and young people to discover the benefits and joy of physical activity on snow. The initiative is now in its eleventh year and has gone from a pilot project to a well-proven and functioning model.

In short, fourth class graduates from different municipalities, are offered a day when they are allowed to explore different ways of sliding on snow. The initiative started in 2008 in Norrköping but has now spread to 53 municipalities throughout Sweden. Since the start, a total of more than 130,300 children have participated.

The recently carried out survey revealled some great results. These include
- Of the 113 schools that responded to the survey, the attitude was unanimous, 100 percent answered Yes to the question whether they would recommend other schools to participate.

- 84 per cent of the participating schools would not be able to execute ski programmes unless Alla på snö had been there.

- 95 percent of respondents said that met all their expectations

As well as quantitative data the survey also gathered qualitative data. For example some comments were that "It is the only day our children get out on the snow" and "It gives all students the opportunity to try something that some may never have the opportunity to do".

Further studies also showed that participating resorts where events are taking place have seen an increase in the number of visitors with many children coming back together with their parents and siblings.

Looking ahead and Alla på snö have some exciting plans on the horizon. The programme will convert an existing component called "All children are right" to "Leisure time on snow". The component will now focus on educating future leaders of programmes.

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