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Belgiums Kids Programme Matures

Belgium’s kids programme, Kids on Snow, has been growing at a steady rate for the past 6 years. The programme finished in the top 8 of the 2014 SnowKidz Awards and at the end of last season obtained a presenting partnership with Decathlon, Aspen Indoor and Flowtrack Family. Now in the 2019/2020 season, Kids on Snow has ramped up operations and become a well formed nationwide action to bring children to the snow.

The Kids on Snow programme is made up of 3 stages; Escape, Quest and Capture. Each stage has a unique set of events and format. They are follows:

Escape: Designed for kids between 3 – 6 years of age, events take place either in a Decathlon store or themepark. All events are free to join and equipment as well as instructors are provided.

Quest: Events take place at Aspen Indoor Snow Centre. All equipment and lessons are provided, at a reduced price the only cost is entrance to the centre.

Capture: A four session ‘kids & parents’ programme. Professional instructors provide tips, tricks and guidance, while the parents are involved in the teaching process. Each session comes with equipment and entrance to the centre for small price of 59Euro per child and parent.

“Snowboarding is all about having FUN! With the Kids on Snow Tour, this is what we want to bring to kids and their parents. All our branding, visuals and the stages/missions create the idea of a playground for the kids. We believe This is the best way to promote our sport!” commented programme director Childeric Bogaert

For the 2019/2020 season Belgium has locked in all its. Click the links below to check out the stops and be sure to join them for all the fun: