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Brave Ski Mom - 6 lessons that only skiing and snowboarding can teach us

Life can often be stressful. Work, school, planning, social programmes and all while striving to be good person and roll model for your kids. So what if there was an activity that could teach give us an escape from our stresses and teach our kids the values which we hold so highly? Well I am happy to tell you there is such an activity and its called skiing and snowboarding.

Here are six lessons only skiing and snowboarding will teach you.

Lesson 1: Challenge Is Good

It doesn’t matter how good you are at skiing or snowboarding, how much experience you have, or at what age took up these sports, snowsports continually challenge each of us.

From the moment we first click into bindings or strap on a snowboard, we are learning new skills. We are learning to adapt to snow conditions. We are learning to stay warm in any sort of weather. We are learning to pick ourselves up when we fall.

Most importantly, we learn that no matter how good we become we can always be better, by challenging ourselves.

Lesson 2: Persistence Pays Off

With challenge, comes persistence. And from the first turn until the last, skiing teaches us to persist in a quest for improvement. Just as the best skiers in the world are constantly working to improve their skills, so can we.

Skiing teaches us to set goals, like learning to make slalom turns in gates or to rip deep powder. Then skiing teaches us that when we meet these goals through lessons, practice and time on the mountain, our hard work pays off — not just in terms of new skills, but in terms of joy and satisfaction.

Lesson 3: Prudence Is Smart

As ski and snowboard parents, we’re tasked with keeping ourselves, and our children, safe on the mountain. This takes prudence.

Prudence doesn’t mean being overly cautious or holding back. It doesn’t mean forgoing fun or limiting one another.

What it does mean is being smart. Prudence means following the skiing and snowboarding safety rules. It means monitoring yourself and your family to make sure everyone is warm, hydrated, happy, and not too tired. It means being willing to call it a day when fog rolls in and conditions get dicey.

Prudence means making smart decisions to ensure that everyone wants to, and can, ski another day.

Lesson 4: Mindfulness Matters

If you’ve ever meditated, you know how difficult it can be to lasso the mind and stay in the present.

Skiing is one of the few activities we’ve found where maintaining a present-oriented focus is actually simple.

That’s because if your mind wanders, you’ll probably fall down, often in an unlikely place like under the lift on a flat slope (been there, done that).

Find your skiing sweet spot by keeping your eyes forward, your body aimed downhill and your mind engaged in the current moment. By maintaining a focus on skiing and feeling each turn as you make it, you’ll find nirvana.

Lesson 5: Its Healthy

Skiing and snowboarding are healthy. Strength, endurance, focus and flexibility are all attributes that come with skiing and snowboarding. They are also traits which you can use in daily life to respond to challenges.

Lesson 6: Nothing is More Important Than Family and Friends

The last lesson is also the most significant. There is nothing more important than family and friends. Think of it this way; are your best ski and snowboard days alone or when you’re with friends and family?

Don’t take these important people for granted, putting off experiences and activities for “tomorrow.” Instead, seize the opportunities to spend time together on a chairlift and on the mountain, reading books together by a fire, and looking back at last season’s ski photos with happy memories and good laughs.


Hailing from Colorado (USA) Kristen Lummis, or as she is better known, the Brave Ski Mom, is an avid skier and true family mum in every sense of the word. www.thebraveskimom.com