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New Season of SnowKidz Key Info

The new season of SnowKidz is underway. To help Organisers and the general public prepare we’ve put together a short summary of all the key information


1st June 2020 - Commencement of SnowKidz 2020/2021 Season
1st October 2020 - Opening of applications for Organiser Care Packages
31st May 2021 - Conclusion of SnowKidz 2020/2021 Season
Always open - SnowKidz Event Organiser Registration
Always open - SnowKidz Event Registration
Always open - Submission of SnowKidz Reports


The Organiser Care Packages are physical items provided to event Organisers to help stage events. All items are free of charge and recipients can keep the items indefinitely.

For the 2020/2021 season new packages will be made available. Click the link below to find out what is inside each package and how to apply:


Important: Only Organisers who have registered SnowKidz events from June 2020 – May 2021 will be eligible


The SnowKidz Safety animation videos are designed to teach kids snow sports safety in a fun manner. The animation videos can be used in various areas and best of all they are available in over 20 languages.

The clips are free to download and can be found in the SnowKidz Digital Toolkit as well as on the SnowKidz YouTube channel (links below):

SnowKidz Digitial Toolkit: www.snowkidz.com/Organise_an_Event/Digital_Toolkit

SnowKidz YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/officialfissnowkidz

Pro tip: Integrate the animations on screens throughout ski resorts e.g. at the lift station. This will provide some good entertainment for kids while they wait for the lift.


All SnowKidz goals for the last 3 years have been completed. As such FIS has set a new range of goals. They are:

Primary Goals:

Goal: Enable children and families to Explore, Enjoy and Experience the fascination of snow through special events and activities organised as part of SnowKidz

Measure: To have an accumulated total of 6000 events and actions across 45 countries

Goal: To ensure Organisers are satisfied with their events and efforts to bring children to the snow

Measure: To average an 85% retention rate of events and actions

Secondary Goals:

Goal: Increase awareness about the need to protect and conserve the natural environment.

Measure: To have had 100 events with environmental activities inside their event program.

Goal: Emphasise the importance of snow safety and awareness of rules of conduct.

Measure: To have had 100 events with safety activities inside their event program.

FIS has set the deadline for these goals as 31st May 2025