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SnowKidz Award 2022 Confirmed

The SnowKidz Award has become a focal point for Bring Children to the Snow Organisers. Not only does the Award carry a prize pool of 63’000CHF but also the title of “World Best Kids Snow Event/Programme”. Now, the 2022 SnowKidz Award is confirmed.

The last edition of the Award saw hotly contested competition. After many years coming second fiddle to Finland and Germany, Sweden dominated the 2020 edition. As well as taking top honors, their programme Everyone on Snow won the Award with a record score of 321 points. In addition, the race for 2nd and 3rd could not be separated and for only the 2nd time in Awards history a tie was called with Greece and Finland splitting the prizes.

For the 2022 edition of the Award, the nomination process and judging criteria will remain the same. All details of the Award including key dates can be found the SnowKidz Award Regulations which can be viewed or downloaded below:

For further questions about the Award or anything SnowKidz, interested parties can email inquires to:
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