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SnowKidz China Grows Rapidly

Typically SnowKidz events and actions take 10 – 12 months to go from paper to reality. However enthusiasm can speed this process up substantially and is precisely what happend with SnowKidz China.

Lead by Jakub Sevcovic and skiwear brand Alpine Pro, SnowKidz China has seen a rapid rise. Within 2 months Jakub defined his concept, spoke with potential partners and registered China’s first SnowKidz events. Now a few months on, the initial plan of four events has spiraled and grown to a full tour with 12 destinations.

Programme coordinator Jakub said “Knowing and clearly understanding Chinese culture is necessary in achieving success no matter of your activities in China. Our SnowKidz events center on primary school students as we believe this is the right age for developing fundamentals and a good sports culture.”

Looking ahead the program is set to focus on cementing their events. “We have many plans for the future but this is only our first season and we want to create a good base first. At the moment our center of attention is upcoming winter school holiday, when most children will be freer and join snowsports activities during winter camps” said Jakub.

To see all SnowKidz events in China hit the link below: