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SnowKidz goes 4K

SnowKidz surpasses 4000 events and actions
The growth of SnowKidz events and actions has been a steady upward curve. The 18/19 season SnowKidz saw it largest season to date with 810 events but snow SnowKidz has a new milestone. 4’000 events and actions.

The road to 4’000 began in 2009 when SnowKidz was first founded. From 2009 to 2012 the programme focused on test events and actions with aim of understanding what parents wanted. Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator Andrew Cholinski commented “Whilst there were only 7 – 10 events per season we gained a lot of valuable information in this period”. In 2013 SnowKidz re-launched its programme and it was off to the races.

Years upon year for 4 years straight the programme kept breaking its own record for the number of events and actions in a single season. The numbers kept tumbling and before long the 3’000 mark was passed. “After we passed 3’000 thought the programme might slow” said Andrew. But this was not the case and on 21st December the Decathlon Waver stop of the Belgian Kids on Snow Tour became the 4’000th event of action to successfully take place.

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper remarked “my congratulations to all the Organisers we have had the privilege of working with over the years. 4’000 is a big milestone and we are proud of all the work which has gone into reaching the number. Well done”.