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SnowKidz Present

SnowKidz at the International Ski Federation annual meetings
Each year the International Ski Federation, its member National Ski Associations, World Cup and World Championship Organisers and snowsports stakeholders meet for the FIS Calendar meetings. The aim of the meetings is to review the past season and discuss plans for the coming years.

For 2019, the FIS Calendar meetings took place in Cavtat (CRO) to which Bring Children to the Snow was invited to present. The week saw six presentations by Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator Andrew Cholinski to various FIS Committees. Each presentation focused on how the campaign has grown, how the communications have evolved, which partners participated and what support they provided, how the campaign is structured and finally what are the future plans for World Snow Day and SnowKidz. Feedback on the information was well received and a number of committee members commended FIS and the campaigns Organisers on the excellent results.

As well as commendations, valuable future ideas were provided by FIS Committee members on how the programme can evolve. All feedback was constructive, well explained and FIS is looking forward to acting on the possibilities.

For a full presentation of the information provided, click the link below: