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SnowKidz Reports Deadline

On the 30th May 2020, SnowKidz will close the 2019/2020 season. With the closing of the season all Organisers are reminded to submit any remaining reports for events and actions.

To submit reports is a simple 5min process:

Step 1 – Login into your SnowKidz Account

Step 2 – From the events listed in your account select the ones you wish to upload reports for

Step 3 – Complete the online form and be sure to attach images.

Step 4 – Click “submit” at the end of the form you are done.

The SnowKidz Reports are a vital part of the SnowKidz programme as they allow statistics and numbers on actions to bring a new generation to snow sports to be gathered. All data is published in the SnowKidz Annual Report which has been on the key motivators for new Organisers to join to the programme. In addition to Annual Report, all SnowKidz reports are posted online at www.snowkidz.com . Finally, the reports are also a must of Organisers who have received support from SnowKidz such as the SnowKidz Organiser Care Packages.

For any issues with submitting reports feel free email us at:
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