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The Grade 4 and 5 SnowPass is on

The Worlds Largest Kids Snow Programme is on
Its no secret the Grade 4&5 SnowPass is one of the best actions in the world to bring a new generation to snow sports. Now the official “Worlds Largest Kids Snow Programme” is back.

The Grade 4&5 SnowPass has been setting the standard nationwide actions to bring children to the snow. The majority of this is thanks to its easy and very accessible formula. Here is how it works:

Step 1 - Log on to www.skicanada.org/grade-4-5-snowpass/

Step2 - Fill in the online form and pay $29.95

Step3 - Applicants will then receive in the post a passport book

Step4 - Head to any of the over 130 participating resorts in Canada, present your passport and get two one day lift passes.

Step5 - Enjoy!

Whats more is that the Grade 4&5 SnowPass has no blackout dates and you get two days at any resort. This means if you live near 2 - 3 resorts, that’s 6 days of skiing or snowboarding for only $29.95

FIS Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator Andrew Cholinski commented “One of the major barriers of snow sports is accessibility. The Grade 4&5 SnowPass breaks down those barriers.”

For more information on the Grade 4&5 SnowPass visit: