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Big or small bringing kids to the snow is a ball

Analysis of the size of Bring Children to the Snow events
By the end of the northern hemisphere winter season, the Bring Children to the Snow campaign will have seen over 3’500 events to Bring Children to the Snow.

The huge number of events can be attributed to the dedication of Organisers around the world and the support from partners Audi, Eurosport, Infront Sports and Media, European Broadcasting Union, Best of the Alps, FESI, WFSGI and the Preferred Suppliers. A midst the plethora of events what is interesting to note is the size of events. Some events see between 50 – 60 persons, other large events such Apen Bakke in Norway see over 100’000 participants. Despite the wide range of the events all are connected by the same goal, to bring children to the snow.

The united effort has resulted in the decline of snow sports participation to flat line. This is a very positive sign on the road to reversing the decline altogether. Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator Andrew Cholinski said ”We are happy to support all manner and size of events. As long as we see the objective is to bring children to the snow, FIS will be there to help”


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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