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Books replaced with skis and snowboards

Netherlands triumph in their Wintersport Experience for schools.
For school children the experience of snow sports can sometimes be difficult to reach. In the Netherlands this problem is emphasized by the absence of natural mountains with snow. But there is solution. Bring snow sports to the schools.

In cooperation between the regional Dutch school boards, wintersport clubs, accommodation services, the municipal governments and supporting companies an innovative experience with simulations, virtual games, videos and physical games is organized. The experience emulates snow sports feeling and provides children that feeling of the snow. The tour begins with 9 stops around the city of Amsterdam before travelling the country. Each stop will see about 1000 students participating and best of all the event is free for all children.

Following the introduction follow up lessons are performed at clubs and accommodations where winter sports is regularly conducted.
Bart de Wolf Sport Development Manager from the Dutch Ski Association commented ‘We want to see children enjoy the wintersports in their own schools where they normally are not able to learn more about biathlon, snowboarding or ski jumping and how just have fun with these sports!’

For more information on locations click here (http://snowkidz.com/en/Service/Find_an_event) to visit the FIS SnowKidz Event Locator or watch a video of the Wintersport Experience at www.wintersport.nl.


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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