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Clothing Designed To Reward Children

Active Kids will be rewarded through their clothing thanks to Reima
By Patrick Thorne.

Finnish children’s clothing company Reima, known for its functional outerwear, is to introduce clothing featuring ‘wearable technology’ designed to motivate children to enjoy outdoor activities.

The idea is that when the child moves around in their ski jacket a built in movement sensor tracks that activity. The activity is then recognised by a child-oriented mobile app which is free to use and rewards the child with fun features. Called ReimaGO® the clothing is due to go on sale this autumn 2016.

“Parents are worried about kids not moving enough, as they are so attracted to consoles and mobile gaming. But we can turn the tables and use games to kids’ advantage, too! After being active and intensely moving outdoors with their ReimaGO® sensors, kids can enjoy the fun on the mobile screen,” explained Elina Björklund, Reima’s CEO.

“Teaching kids to postpone gratification can be quite challenging in today's ‘I-want-it-all-and-now’ society. We believe ReimaGO® can help: The game will reward kids for achieving their goals, and parents can even invent additional rewards. All this is done in a fun and inspiring way that is in unison with kids’ inherent playfulness. Kids will get the health benefits of energizing exercise, the fun of playing a cool game, plus the natural pleasure after physical activity – actually it’s a triple reward,” she added.


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