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Cross-Country Cross
In the second installment of CookBooks in Focus, FIS SnowKidz News takes a look at a very fun, exciting and creative event idea attracting many children to snow sports. Welcome to Cross-Country Cross.

Cross-Country Cross is an inspiring way to train, compete and enjoy snow sports. The aim is to fill skiing arenas around the world with children and youth who are looking for a fun challenge. The event revolves around the development of an engaging children’s cross-country obstacle course using existing materials and resources. The concept is flexible allowing Organisers to stage the event in winter or in summer using roller skis.

Organisers can be as creative as they like using any existing materials to create fun obstacle course for the children. In previous Cross-Country Cross events, gate flags and poles were used along with some non-traditional gear such as basketballs and basketball hoops, milk crates and even hula hoops. There’s no limit to the possibilities when the National Ski Associations and Organisers put their minds to creating a challenging, fun course.
During the development of the Cross Country Cross CookBook there were many key contributors. Of these most notable mentions must go the Norwegian Ski Association, Helen Ingebretsen, Georg Zipfel and the FIS Sub-Committee for Cross-Country Youth and Childrens Questions.

The Cross-Country Cross has been recognized at the very highest level with its recent approval by the IOC Executive Board on 9th August for inclusion on the programme of the 2nd Winter Youth Olympic Games in Lillehammer (NOR) in 2016.

For more information on the Cross-Country Cross CookBook and FIS SnowKidz click here.


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