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Freestyle Master Class
In the short space of four months the FIS SnowKidz CookBooks have received overwhelming attention on the FIS SnowKidz website. With more than 2,000 downloads the CookBooks aim to share the best practices of FIS SnowKidz Organisers in a fun and exciting way. Over the next few weeks some exciting features of the CookBooks will be highlighted in the FIS SnowKidz Newsletter and there will be a behind the scenes glimpse to learn about the contributors. First up is the ‘Freestyle Master Class’.

Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding have become very popular snow sport disciplines. Many children want to try them, however it can be a little intimidating to get started. The Freestyle Master Class Cookbook aims to provide some helpful tips and hints about establishing a freestyle master class within an existing ski school. The book takes you step-by-step through the process of establishing the class and then promoting the programme to the general public.

Like all the SnowKidz CookBooks, the method is defined by the best practices of other Organisers. The Freestyle Master Class Cookbook was inspired by the great work of the Swiss National Ski Association, Swiss-Ski and their programme ‘Swiss Freeski Days’.FIS would like to thank Swiss Ski and the other contributors to the Freestyle Master Class CookBook.

For more information on the Freestyle Master Class CookBook click here click here.


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