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Data Released

Data for International Report on Children’s Lift ticket Prices is released
The data used to compile the report can now be accessed on the World Snow Day and FIS SnowKidz websites (http://snowkidz.com/en/Service/Reports/Childrens_Lift_Ticket_Prices).

The data has been formatted into an easy to use search function. Users select first their country and then resort, after which a data sheet is presented for that location.

FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis commented “The International Children's Lift Ticket Report is an important initiative of the FIS Bring Children to the Snow Campaign. It's aim is to make children's lift ticket prices more transparent to assist and encourage parents and families to enjoy snow sports. The release of the data in an easy to read format will help achieve this goal”

Like the general report the data can also be easily updated. FIS encourages resorts globally to contact FIS on worldsnowday@fisski.com or snowkidz@fisski.com and provide updates on their pricing or initiatives. The information will then be placed online immediately to give the public the most up to date figures.


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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