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Everyone On Snow reaches 100,000 children

The Swedish Kids Program breaks new record
Nearly 100,000 children and youngsters from 46 municipalities have had the opportunity to experience and explore the joy of snow through “Everyone on Snow”, which has now been staged for eighth consecutive years.
“The Swedish Ski Association's project “Everyone on Snow” is very important to us. Since its inception in 2009, we have worked together to inspire children and young people to lead a healthy lifestyle and an active outdoor life. We have given close to 100,000 children the opportunity to experience snow and snow activities. It’s a high number if we consider the evolution of society with increasingly sedentary young people", says Linda Morell, Advertising and PR Manager at SkiStar AB.

By inviting fourth graders to spend one day on snow, the Swedish Ski Association wants to encourage kids to enjoy a more physically active leisure time. New for this year was that the association, together with the city of Stockholm, also invited sports-loving children from Gubbängen to SkiStar’s facility in Hammarbybacken to test various activities on snow.

An ever more sedentary free time is a major health problem. Studies show that those who exercise regularly have better academic results, better self-esteem and feel better overall.
"We can see that “Everyone on Snow” leads to an increased willingness to move among the children and even their curiosity towards several types of physical activity increases, whether it's on snow or not," says Ola Strömberg, Secretary General of the Swedish Ski Federation.
Swedish children move less than many other European children. “Everyone on Snow” invites children from many different schools of the municipality, which makes it reach a wide number - regardless of their background and past habits related to snow sports.

Örjan Ekblom, associate professor at GIH, has developed together with other experts, national recommendations for how much children and young people should move each day.
"It's about one hour physical activity during the day where the intensity should be such to make you a little breathless and warm. It does not have to be for one hour straight, but neither shorter than ten minutes and it can be anything from regular play to trampoline jumping or Pokemon hunting”, says Örjan.

To make the snow day as joyful as possible for the children, teachers and high school students are trained from the municipality's leisure program to become “Everyone on Snow” leaders.
"It's really important to create young leaders. Training high school students to become “Everyone on Snow” leaders is a great way to inspire young people to try and develop their leadership. We have also noticed that many kids, after attending an “Everyone on Snow” day, get in touch with the local ski club and we are really excited, "says Charlotta Bürger Bäckström, Coordinator of “Everyone on Snow” at the Swedish Ski Federation.

About “Everyone on Snow”

“Everyone on Snow” is organized together with the municipality, the school and the ski resort. The municipality's fourth-grade class is then invited, during school hours, to a day where they can explore and experience all the fun, beautiful, inspiring, fast-paced and cool aspects of snow. They get free access to equipment, snow facilities and guidance to create their own experience on snow. During the day, the children will be challenged to use their balance and agility while putting physical effort and concentration to use.

For more info and numbers visit www.skidor.com.


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