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For the Kids

Grandvalira Andorra moves for the kids
SnowKidz Organisers Grandvalira have developed a magical snow sports area for the kids called Montmagic.

Montmagic takes the characters of several Andorran legends to create a skiable area specially adapted to kids from 3 to 10 years old. Montmagic includes specific signage, themed gondolas, a totally renewed kinder garden and several slopes including 3D characters, banners, obstacles, jumps and even a witch’s skiable hut. The star of the project is the Magic Forest, an off-piste route for the whole family where kids will find goblins, fairies and witches all along the route. The magic character Tamarro (a local imaginary animal that nobody has ever seen) is the star of the area, and the kids can have fun while skiing trying to find him.

In addition to the area Grandvalira Ski School has also designed specific ski and snowboard lessons along the Montmagic slopes with daily entertainment activities with the mascots (Puk the goblin, Endha the fairy and Mel the witch). For the 2015-2016 season a new kids’ Magic slalom will be implemented and a new zip line of 500 meters long and 40 meters high will allow kids and adults to fly like an enchanted fairy at a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Magic and fun are guaranteed at Grandvalira’s Montmagic area.

The push from Grandvalira has now been recognized by S&BT Skiarea Test. The jury valued the development of an idea into a totally new themed area on the slopes as well as the innovative ways in which areas became more kid friendly.

As many resorts begin to put into place developments for children Be sure to keep a look out for Montmagic next season.

For more information on MontMagic hit the link below


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