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Full house at Youth and Childrens Seminar

Development of Ski and Snowboard clubs top priority
The 14th edition of the FIS Youth and Children’s Seminar addressing the theme of ‘Ski Club Development’ took place today with great success. More than 80 participants from 67 nations attended the annual gathering which provided them with best practices for their work with ski clubs to recruit young athletes and provide opportunities so they can progress.

The first guest presenter Henna Sivenius, Coordinator of Ski Club operations at the Finnish Ski Association, outlined that, based on research from her PhD study, a primary challenge faced by the clubs is adapting to changing environments. She recommends that National Ski Associations provide development training to their clubs, encourage them to try out new things and ensure education and club materials are easy to reach.

Afterwards it was time for the ski clubs to shine. Roberto Andreassich, President of the Sci Club 70 of Trieste (ITA) showed how competition in any sport begins by simple participation. This was supported by the second presenter Jakub Cerovsky, Secretary General of the Czech Ski Association, who also showed that successful clubs all had comprehensive events to introduce youngsters to the sport. Finally, Gerhard Schauer of the Icerippers Snowboard Club (SUI) showed how building on existing assets within the club can save time, money and energy when trying to expand.

After the presentations a panel discussion rounded out the seminar.

Chairman of the FIS Youth and Children Coordination Group Ken Read concluded “We as National Ski Associations have the responsibility to lead and inspire clubs. We should encourage an environment of change and should be looking to open conversations and suggest new ideas. Meanwhile, the presentations we have heard have given a lot of innovative ideas for development. I encourage the participants to take some of the ideas to their circumstances and make their programmes even stronger.”

The presentations can be found online by clicking below


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