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FIS SnowKidz Toolkit
A much anticipated feature of the enhanced FIS Snowkidz website is the Toolkit which is now available for use. The Toolkit is a set of promotional tools put together by FIS to help event organisers promote their event. Inside the toolkit you will find items such as:

• The official FIS Snowkidz Logo (in multiple formats)
• FIS Snowkidz Pantone colours
• FIS Snowkidz Powerpoint template
• FIS Snowkidz Postcard template
• FIS FIS Snowkidz Tent template
• FIS FIS Snowkidz Beach Flags template
• FIS FIS Snowkidz Banners template
• FIS FIS Snowkidz Flag template
• Starting bib for children template
• Event participation diploma template
• General information document

The FIS Snowkidz Toolkit will be updated regularly so please keep checking back for more tools and items. If you feel an item is missing please contact snowkidz@fisski.com and we will do our best to supply you with a template for that item.

To enter the Toolkit and use its features you must be a registered Organiser. Organisers who are have registered will receive a welcome email with their username and password. This username and password is what you will need to enter the Toolkit area.

So if you have an event log on, register and get access to the Toolkit


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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