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Keeping it green for the next generation

Solar panels set to power indoor ski centre
Indoor snow centres provide an opportunity for kids in urban environments to try snow sports. However, they will now be going one step further and caring for the environment kids are set to grow up in.
An indoor snow centre in the Netherlands is in the process of installing some 3,000 solar panels to its roof which will then provide much of the energy required to refrigerate the interior of the building, and its other energy requirements.

The Montana indoor snow centre, located at Westerhofen in the south of the country, is set to install some 3’000 solar panels on the roof of the centre. Their new rooftop solar farm will generate around 880.000 kWp which in theory is enough for two thirds of their yearly power consumption.

“Because of differences in when we need the power and when it is available we will at some times during the year have to buy electricity whereas at other times in the year we can sell back to the grid,” said a spokesperson for the centre.


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