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Kids Ski Apparel & Equipment: 5 Trends in 2017

The 2017 season is ramping up and it’s time to start looking for gear.
This year we’ve seen major growth in the youth ski lines so let’s take a look at 5 trends coming for the 2017 season.

1. Extended Grow Clothing

This is a major trend that’s been pushing over the past couple years. Ski apparel and equipment is expensive, and unfortunately, kids grow like weeds. Over the past few years, almost every major brand has introduced some form of an extended size program. Many jackets and pants include some form of a snap, zip, or foldable extension to help get parents (and kids) through those unexpected growth spurts.

2. Incorporation of Terrain Based Learning

Terrain Based Learning isn’t a new trend or technology, but a new form of teaching people to ski. The new trend, however, is working the technology needed to learn via T.B.L. into beginner skis and snowboards. Terrain Based Learning and the technologies that go with it are unique because they focus on movement rather than stopping which means that beginner’s skis need to be built for immediate use on rollers, banks, mini pipes and more.

3. Softer, Lighter Skis

It should be noted, this isn’t new. The goal is, and always has been softer, lighter skis for new skiers. The 2017 season isn’t any different. Both the youth and adult beginner ski category are constantly striving to create a more comfortable learning curve which involves a softer ski with more flex that feels light underfoot. Anyone who’s skied before will tell you that your first day on skis is awkward, the planks feel heavy, long and hard to maneuver. This is why companies are constantly looking towards a more flexible, playful ski that’s more enjoyable to ride from the get go.

4. Higher Quality, Better Performance

Sounds easy, right? Well, shockingly enough there has previously been a significant void in the kid’s ski market. Over last season, this season and looking forward to next we’re seeing massive increases in the selection and quality for junior skis and boots. Growing up, kids were limited with more basic and simplified technologies until they were ready to make the jump into a full grown pair of adult skis. Recently, however, the ski industries have realized this and are rapidly expanding their options to help fill that void. Skiers who fall into the “advanced” to “expert” skill levels should see and impressive jump in quality and performance.

5. Layered Jackets

Layered Jackets are nothing new, but they’re still all the rage. These “3-in-1” style jackets are perfect for kids on the go. They incorporate some form of an insulating layer that’s designed to zip, snap or hook into an outer waterproof layer. These jackets are highly versatile, able to perform in fall, winter and spring which save’s Mom and Dad cash on buying multiple coats.

Looking for more helpful tips and the newest gear? Be sure to check out skis.com and snowboards.com

About the Author
Ian Perkins is the Inbound Marketing Specialist with Summit Sports in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Ian currently helps write for the skis.com and snowboards.com blog, which are a division of Summit Sports and preferred supplier of FIS' Bring Children to the Snow programme.


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