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Kids on Snow tour in full swing

A deeper look into Germany's largest kids program
February sees some of SnowKidz largest programs get underway. One of the largest and most impactful is the Kids on Snow tour that take place throughtout Germany. Coordinated by the Deutscher Skilehrerverband (DSLV), SnowKidz took a moment to speak with DSLV CEO Peter Hennkes to get his insight:

At each event what can the public expect?

The kids on snow festivals are "the big events for little ones". Children will be able to experience the first movements alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. They will also be able to touch and experiment the snow environment. The best part is that this all done under the professional guidance of professional ski schools instructors.

The event is run by professional ski schools. How many in total participate?

40 professionally active snow sports schools in Germany implement the concept and the philosophy of kids on snow. Every year about 1500 children per which if multiplied by 12 years – the current duration of the program – we have seen in excess of 18’000 children participate.

How do you see the future of the program?

It will become increasingly important in the future to attract newcomers for snow sports. The DSLV wants to inspire as many kids as possible to actively experience the winter outside in the snow.

Thank you again for speak with us Peter. We wish you a great season Tour ahead.

For more information on the Tour hit the link below:


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