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Lift ticket data set to be publically released

International Report on Children’s Lift Ticket Prices data to be made public
Following the publication of the first edition of the International Report on Children’s Lift ticket prices, FIS is also releasing the data from the research.

Just like the report, the data will be dynamic allowing resorts to contact FIS and provide updates or changes to the children’s lift ticket prices. The updates will be promptly implemented online to provide users the most up-to-date information.

To allow the public to easily interpret the data, FIS will soon launch a search function on the FIS SnowKidz and World Snow Day platform where the overall report is found.

Readers will have the opportunity to locate resorts around the world and obtain a breakdown of their children’s lift ticket prices. There is also the chance to obtain information on specific aspects such as free tickets offered to youth, family discounts, the availability of online tickets and resort websites.

Stay tuned!


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