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Making Dreams come true

SnowKidz Toolkits distributed
FIS is partnering with Audi to bring children to the snow and since December 2013 World Snow Day and SnowKidz Toolkits have been distributed to Organisers. In total, 1000 Toolkits have been produced designed to make staging events for children easier and more attractive.

On 4th March 2015 the final Toolkit was distributed. The conclusion of the distribution marks a huge step in the Bring Children to the Snow Campaign as 142’000 pieces of equipment were distributed to 38 countries around the world. As well as traditional snow sports countries Toolkits were sent to all parts of the globe including Peru, China, New Zealand and a remote region of Canada.

FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis commented “Thanks to the brilliant work of Organisers’ all around the world and Audi’s support with SnowKidz Toolkits, we have seen more and more children enjoy the endless possibilities of experiencing snow activities through the Bring Children to the Snow campaign.”


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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