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Meet the Organisers - Europa-Park

Interview with Europa-Park Co-Founder and owner, Roland Mack.
Europa-Park has a very successful history when it comes to creating positive memories for children and families. In its opening season in 1975, 250,000 visitors visited the park. Today, the family business is by far the biggest theme park in Germany, with more than 5 million visitors in 2014 making it the best-attended seasonal leisure park worldwide. More than 100 million visitors have come to Europa-Park since its foundation and with over 100 attractions and international shows so many people have enjoyed the venue. Joining SnowKidz in 2014, FIS SnowKidz took a moment to speak with Europa-Park cofounder and owner Roland Mack.

1. Europa-Park aligned with SnowKidz for the first time. How did your event unfold?
When we first heard about the SnowKidz program we didn’t have to think long. We knew it was a perfect fit. Snow and fun have always been an important part of the winter season at Europa-Park. The FIS Program adds to the experience for our guests – and that’s what it is all about. The feedback has been very positive and we are already looking forward to next winter season’s events.

2. How important is snow sports to Europa-Park?
Snow sports is very important to us. We are located at the foot of the black forest where winter sports has a long tradition. We have been working with the ski school “Thoma” for many years and together we started the concept of bringing winter sports to Europa-Park. Kids have the opportunity to practice their first turns on a little slope we especially build. We have ice skating rinks and snow tubes. In a time where smartphones and computer games consume bigger and bigger parts of our days it is important that we preserve activities the whole family can enjoy together. Winter sports can play an important role here.

3. In your opinion, how do you see the future of snow sports for children and families?
I think snow sports and Europa-Park have a lot in common. We cater for families who want to spend time together, create memories they can later talk about. It is all about emotions. I am convinced that families and children will continue to seek these experiences. It is therefore important for us at Europa-Park as well as for snow sports to continue to provide the platform where families can create these memories and experience emotions. If we manage that, we will have a bright future.

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