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Meet the Organisers - Intersands Peru

Interview with Intersands Secretary General Martin Guerra Heredia
Joining SnowKidz in 2014, Intersands is the Interational Sandboarding and SandSki Association. Operating primarily in Peru, Intersands have prepared an excellent SnowKidz event combining creativity and fun. SnowKidz took the chance to speak with Intersands Secretary General Martin Guerra Heredia:

1.You have staged a World Snow Day event in January. How did the event unfold ?
Yes, we celebrated World Snow Day in January with all students in the school of Peruvian Club SandSnow we support our InterSands Organization. It was a great success. The event was held successfully in Huacachina - Ica (Peru), inviting the students, friends, parents, riders and tourists who frequent the area.

2.You conduct your events in Peru where you use sand instead of snow. How important is sand sports to the people and children of Peru ?
We run 80% of the sand dunes in Peru and can safely say sand sports is important to the people of Peru. As sports becomes more and more a lifestyle, kids are noticing what the adults are doing. It is therefore important we provide opportunites for adults and children at the same time.

3.In the future where would like to see your SnowKidz events going ?
Wherever there is a sand dune with children to give them the opportunity for entertainment for their lives as well as athletes.

For more information on Intersands visit their website www.intersand.org and don’t forget to check out their next SnowKidz event by clicking here.


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