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Meet the Organisers - Lofsdalens Skidskola

Get to know SnowKidz Organisers Lofsdalens Skidskola
Lofsdalens Skidskola staged the first ever SnowKidz event two weeks ago. Following the great success FIS SnowKidz took a moment to speak with the event Organisers

1. Could you please introduce yourself. Who are you? Where are you based?

My name is Jonny Larsson and I am from at a beautiful resort called Lofsdalen. I am responsible for the ski school activities and competitions. I am originally from Stockholm but I have now lived in Lofsdalen for 11 years. I am married with two and two dogs. I love all types of skiing and have competed in length, biathlon, speedski and Skicross. But above all I love spending time with my family.

2. You have just joined SnowKidz. What did you do for your event?

We have invited local schools in Härjedalens municipality on a field day in the mountains. We provided free lesson for beginners and for the more advanced kids we arranged alpine and skier cross competitions. The event brought a lot of migrant children to the mountain as we like to make sure everyone has a try.

3. Your event has a lot of heart and spirit by inviting migrants. What was your motivation behind this idea?

In 2013, around 116 000 people immigrated to Sweden. The most common countries of origin are Syria followed by Somalia, Iraq, Poland, Afghanistan and Eritrea. These people want to adjust to the Swedish lifestyle quickly especially in school and at work. To help the integration we thought skiing and playing in the snow is a perfect activity as many Swedish children have grown up with snow sports. Whilst many migrants come from countries without snow and cold and do not have the experience or knowledge they take to the sports quickly. We have seen already that our activities break down barriers, combat exclusion and show others that racism does no favors for anyone. To make the process even easier we have arranged that all children (up to 15 years) in our municipality, including migrants, receive a free season pass. We hope that through this program they make the most of the and find new friends and relationships

4. What is the future for this event? Will it be an annual occurrence?

Yes. Our ambition is to make this a recurring event, and that all children and teachers remember this day with full excitement!

Thank you Jonny for your time. To see the full event report click the link below.


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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