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Meet the Organisers - Stream Eventos

Interview with Stream Eventos co-owener Claudia de Albuquerque
Joining SnowKidz in 2014, Stream Eventos is based in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded by Claudia de Albuquerque, the company focuses on the organization and coordination of events in a complete and integrated manner. SnowKidz took a moment to speak with company partner Claudia de Albuquerque to get her take on SnowKidz:

1. Stream Eventos staged its first SnowKidz last year. How did your events unfold?

The SnowKidz was received with much enthusiasm by the Brazilian and Chilean people. One of the resort instructors said to us "This event is wonderful and we need this in Valle Nevado. Besides being a unique experience it motivates children to practice of skiing and snowboarding". This feedback is really motivational for us. Also in South America, there is no similar events to this. As a result many felt they missed out and have confirmed their presence to the next SnowKidz in July 2015.

2.How important is snow sports to Stream Eventos and the people of Brazil?

Stream Events is a private company so conducting the first event in Valle Nevado required a large investment. We had great feedback regarding the satisfaction of the participation and as a bonus we had fincial return after just one event. In fact, this return was so significant that we decided to invest in snow sports, creating the brand Stream Race.
As for the Brazilian people, the number of people who practice snow sports is growing a lot. For example, Valle Nevado has received about 300,000 Brazilian visitors in the 2014 season. This is a 20% increase over the previous season. Brazilian media is also increasingly interested in the snow sports and this creates greater interest amongst the people. The combinaton of good events and interest from the public and media has also allowed us to invest in other areas and create more enthusiasm. In partnership with Leandro Ribela, Brazilian Olympic athlete's Cross Country, and CBDN (Brazilian Confederation of Snow Sports), we will be staging Rollerski events in various cities in the second half of 2015.

3. In your opinion, how do you see the future of snow sports for children and families?

In my opinion, children and families in South America are delighted by snow sports. We find that after the first expereince they always wants more. Also families are increasingly seeking quality of life and the balance between sport and nature. In this regard, I see a great chance for growth if we can bring these families to the snow. On the other hand, one thing we need to work on is the cost of snow sports. Despite some good progress we can see more could be done and we are confident this will result in more growth.

For more information visit their website www.streameventos.com.br and don’t forget to check out their next SnowKidz event by clicking here.


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