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Mum and Dad vs. the Kids

Rivella Family Contest and FIS SnowKidz

The Rivella Family Contest has a long history in the Swiss Alps. Staged by Swiss-Ski, Rivella and a series of dedicated Organising Committees at ski resorts around Switzerland, the event aims to bring children to snow sports by tickling a child’s natural motivation to compete with a fun day on the slopes.

The construction of the event is simple yet creative. Each weekend the tour makes a stop at one or two resorts in Switzerland. At each stop, a small race course is constructed. Then a family comprising of 3-5 members - one of which must be an adult with a maximum of two adults - races down the course. For a fee of CHF 85 each member of the family receives:

• Registration
• A day pass for up to five participants
• A hot meal on arrival
• Entertainment for children provided by Swiss-Ski
• A surprise gift for the whole family
• Rivella Sixpack

For a family of five that’s less than 17 CHF per person for a fun day on the slopes!

Event Coordinator Tanja Uhlmann commented: “Whilst the event involves a competition, the focus is on the fun and enjoyment. What makes The Rivella Family Contest even more special is that it is an event where an entire family can participate together and for a very low price.”

This year on World Snow Day, two Rivella Family Contests were staged in Savognin and Marbach/Langnau. Savognin hosted 72 families and in Marbach over 90 families participated! Moreover, the other 26 Rivella Family Contests have joined the FIS SnowKidz program and altogether, these events attracted more than 7500 participants to snow sports.

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