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Press Release - FESI and FIS solidify partnership

Bring Children to the Snow moving forward with the ski manufacturers

Brussels, Belgium - 8 September 2016: On the 6th of September 2016, a FESI delegation composed of FESI President (Mr. Luca Businaro), FESI Secretary General (Mr Alberto Bichi), FESI Public Policy Director (Mr. Jerome Pero) and the Chairman of the FESI Ski Committee (Mr René Harrer), met FIS President (Mr Gian-Franco Kasper). The purpose of this meeting was to overall strengthen the FESI-FIS alliance and to explore new avenues for cooperation. The two teams successfully agreed on extending the Memorandum of Understanding for World Snow Day, which facilitated the participation of FESI’s member companies in 3 spectacular editions since 2014.
Overall the partners concluded that the deepening of their collaboration, serves several purposes:

First and foremost, FESI and FIS are intending to widen the scope of the Bring Children to the Snow activities – by involving other stakeholders such as policy makers and schools in both discussions and actions. This enables the FESI-FIS alliance, to significantly raise the level of activism.

Secondly, the partners have agreed to use the full capacity of their joint networks and expertise to organize another European Winter Summit in 2017, with the objective of creating a critical mass-stake holder event. Such a summit, should be key in effectively reviewing and tackling the obstacles that the European Winter Sport Industry is facing.

Last but not least, the representatives also agreed to include other topics in their action-plan, such as the safety of winter-sports products for children.

FESI President Luca Businaro remarked "Sport and physical activity have proven to make significant contributions to various aspects of life, including economic, physical and mental health. Therefore it is crucial to promote these activities among youth, specifically with the objective of drastically improving their activity - and health level. Herein, Winter Sport is an essential component and it also has a tremendous economic potential. With the renewed MoU between FESI and FIS, we are finally taking a step in the right direction and I truly hope that our incentive will inspire all stakeholders to combine their powers and unite - to bring children back to the snow".

FESI Secretary General, Alberto Bichi, commented “The renewal of this Memorandum of Understanding, is not merely a formal extension of the FESI-FIS partnership. It also allows us to create a multi-stakeholder platform, maximize our efforts to increase the overall participation rate in European winter sport and to raise awareness towards both policy makers and the public, on the health and economic benefits of winter sport activities”.

FIS President, Gian Franco Kasper, added “If we are to reverse the decline of winter sports participation in Europe, it is necessary that manufacturers of ski equipment and governments are involved. FIS is confident FESI will help this happen.”


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