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Record Number of Indoor Snow Centres

New report finds a record number of indoor snow centres around the world
The 2017 edition of the World Indoor Snow Centres Guide revealed that four new indoor snow centres opening in the past 12 months. This brings the total of indoor snow centres worldwide to a new record of 71.

The concept of the indoor snow centre has been met with mixed reactions. Some believe that the centres are too far from the mountains and not a true form of snow sports. Others have highly supported the idea as it places snow sports in densely populated environments and provides access to more people.

It has been quite a year for indoor snow centres with the first centre opening in Africa, which now puts centres on all continents. In addition, the title of “World’s Largest Indoor Snow Centre” went to China’s newest facility Wanda Indoor Ski and Winter Sports Resort in Harbin.

In addition, a centre that has opened in Saudi Arabia has drawn mainstream media attention around the world as it allows men and ladies to participate together in a country not known either for its snow or for mixed gender leisure facilities.

The author of the report Patrick Thorne said “The incredible new indoor ski centre in China and the first facility to open in Africa, in Egypt, are great news but I get equally excited from all the amazing things that indoor snow centres bring. In Europe, centres have spent the past year putting thousands of solar panels on their vast roofs to be environment-friendly.”

Over the past 30 years more than 100 indoor snow centres have been constructed. Despite some closures more are set to open with plans for Paris (FRA), Antwerp (BEL) and USA’s first indoor ski slope on real snow set to be built in New Jersey.

The World Indoor Snow Centres Guide 2017 can be purchased for $200 via email to patrick@patrickthorne.com. As well as basic data the Guide also shows the companies involved, the technologies used provides tables showing the largest centres and chronology of openings.


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