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Report Released

1st SnowKidz Final Report Released
The first edition of the FIS SnowKidz Final Report has been released summarising the SnowKidz project over the last five years. Readers will find a multitude of statistics as well as many qualitative results. Some notable numbers include:

- 3 global partners: Audi, Federation of the World Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and European Sporting Goods Federation (FESI)

- 4 Events in major cities

- 4 Events in the southern hemisphere

- 15 events designed to benefit disadvantaged youth

- 35 Participating countries

- 196 Event Organisers

- 928 FIS SnowKidz events

- 270% increase in social media reach since April 2014

- Over 3’800 minutes watched on YouTube

- 6’200 average website visits per month

- More than 65’000 pieces of equipment distributed to Organisers to help stage events.

- More than 500’000 participants at the largest event/action

- Over 2.2 million participants since the programme’s inception

The Final Report can be viewed online or downloaded by clicking here.


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