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Season Review with Andrew Cholinski

Interview with Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator
1. Firstly, is the season actually finished for Bring Children to the Snow?

Good question and the simple answer is no. Whilst the northern hemisphere season is complete we now have the privilege of working with Organisers in the southern hemisphere. These include Organisers in Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. Our vision has always been to bring children to the snow all year round and we are getting there very quickly.

2. How have the past 12 months been for Bring Children to the Snow?

In short busy and successful. In January we saw the 3rd edition of the World Snow Day take place where we reached all of the goals for the first three years. At the same time the twin program to World Snow Day, FIS SnowKidz has also seen substantial growth. The program has seen a 374% increase in events and we look forward to building on this further. Finally we have also had the honor of working with some great partners. Audi have been outstanding in creating material for Organisers to stage events. The EBU, Infront Sports and Media and Eurosport have done excellent work to communicate the campaign. Through the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and European Federation or the Sporting Goods Industry (FESI) we have had the chance to bring in the manufacturers to the campaign. Through these two bodies we now also connecting with government bodies such as the European Union. Finally we have also we have also had the chance to work with Best of the Alps and children’s clothing manufacturer Sanetta to stage unique events for disadvantaged children.

3. The next World Snow Day goals have been set can you provide us some background to them?

In the first three years we wanted to explode out of the starting gates and thanks to the incredible Organisers this has happened. But in order to make a real impact we need to be in it for the long term. For this to happen we need to steady growth and we feel the new goals will do this.

Also when setting the goals we did not want to limit Organisers creativity. The Organisers unique approach and creative ways at solving the challenges of participation in snow sports are what make World Snow Day stand out. We hope the goals continue to foster creativity and generate unique events to bring children to the snow.

4. Where will you be for the 4th Edition of World Snow Day 15th January 2015?

As always I will have to keep this one a secret. The reason of this is that really enjoy just going to the events, having fun with the children and being one of the participants. I feel this is the best way to truly experience snow sports.


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