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Becoming a registered FIS SnowKidz Organiser
If you are thinking of creating a FIS Snowkidz event or would like to align an existing event in your resort or city you will need to register. Registration for FIS SnowKidz as an easy two stage process.

Stage 1.

1. Click on the tab on the left hand side titled ‘Organise an Event’. Four tabs will appear.

2. Click the tab titled ‘Become an Organiser’. Complete the registration form and click ‘Send’.

Stage 2

1. FIS will receive and review your application to become an Organiser

2. Once we are satisfied with your application we will issue you an official confirmation email with some vital information as well as your ‘username’ and ‘password’.

3. After you have received your confirmation email. Log back into the FIS SnowKidz website and click ‘Login’ on the top menu. Enter your username and password and you are ready to begin adding events

Becoming a registered Organizer not only allows you to register FIS Snowkidz events but also gives you access to the FIS SnowKidz Toolkit which contains a multitude of items to help promote and dress your event. Each item is free to download and has designated sections for all your partners and sponsors.


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