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SnowKidz Report arrives

3rd SnowKidz Report is published
The 2016/2017 season of SnowKidz was a record breaking year. Not only has to program achieved all its goals, both primary and secondary, but it has also extended its communication reach, introduced the Organiser Care package, distributed 63’000CHF via the SnowKidz Awards, recognised a new “Worlds Largest Kids Snow program” title holder and all whilst maintaining its objective to be a free and accessible program. Now in its 3rd year of operation SnowKidz has released its 3rd annual report.

The 3rd SnowKidz report has analysed data from all aspects of the program. Some of the highlights include; an 67% average increase across all communication platforms, increased harmonisation between participant expectations and offers from Organisers, global expansion of the project to an additional 4 countries, a 75% Organiser retention rate and 81% of survey public saying “Yes, I will participate” in SnowKidz 2017/2018.

Bring Children to the Snow Coordinator Andrew Cholinski commented “We are really proud of the results in this report. A big thanks needs to go to Organisers for their hard work and dedication as well as the kids and families for their participation”

Looking ahead and SnowKidz will have a busy coming month. The new season of SnowKidz has already begun with events in Brazil, Australia and New Zealand already confirmed. SnowKidz will also soon be releasing a new set of goals for the coming three years These goals will reflect FIS’s commitment to bring children to the snow whilst raising the bar for the program. Finally preparations for the 2018 SnowKidz Award will commence. Award regulations are online (click here) and Organisers will be informed of the key dates and entry process shortly.

FIS encourages all persons to share the SnowKidz report. To view or download a copy click the link below:


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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