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SnowKidz around the world

Check out how many SnowKidz events are taking place in each country
The SnowKidz project has seen over 45 countries stage events for children. But how many countries are already registered for this season?
To answer this question FIS SnowKidz has compiled a list of countries and the number of events taking place in each of them:

Austria 11
Belgium 1
Canada 4
Czech Republic 3
Finland 5
Germany 22
Greece 2
Italy 3
Former Yogoslav Republic of Macedonia 1
Netherlands 11
Norway 1
Poland 1
Portugal 3
Romania 4
Russia 3
Serbia 3
Slovakia 2
Slovenia 1
Spain 6
Sweden 37
Switzerland 69
United Kingdom 15

For more on the SnowKidz event visit the Event Locator by clicking here.


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