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SnowKidz lands in Africa

First SnowKidz events registered in Africa
By Patrick Thorne .

Whilst World Snow Day provides Organisers and families a huge platform to connect its timing does not suit all. For many Organisers in the southern hemisphere the third Sunday in January is the middle of summer. Despite this Organisers in the south have still joined World Snow Day with fun activities, some on artificial surface slopes. But an increasing number of events are now using the SnowKidz platform to maximize the southern hemisphere’s ski season – mostly from June to September. Amongst these are resorts in South Africa and Lesotho.

Tiffindell in South Africa, which aims to open for its 2015 season the weekend after next, will be hosting the first ever “SnowKidz” event held in Africa on Sat 27th June 2015. The resort will be offering half price skiing on Monday the 27th July for kids under 12 years old and is also offering a four day “SnowKidz Special Package” where children under 12 will qualify for a 50% discount on the normal price.

In addition Tiffindell will be organising a series of ski racing for children throughout the season culminating in the SA Children’s Champs (up to 16 years) on the weekend of 25th and 26th July.

“This weekend incorporates the SA Masters – so Mums and Dads can “have a go” too,” said a Tiffindell statement, “Not too serious and lots of fun.”

Over the border in Lesotho, the Afriski ski centre also has new plans for children this 2015 ski season.

Afriski’s annual The Kings Cup competition has been re-invented for the 2015 winter season. The format will depart from the traditional weekend ski and snowboard event format and his year the event is aimed at promoting and developing the sport of alpine skiing to the many Basotho youngsters that live in the surrounding areas of Afriski but have never experienced the wonder of snow and skiing for themselves.

This year’s Kings Cup event will therefore be dedicated to growing both the awareness of direct experience of skiing to the youth of Lesotho. The 2015 Kings Cup will be one day, mid-week event this year aimed at inviting both local dignitaries and sports enthusiasts to get first hand experience of the new winter sports that Afriski is able to offer to the children of the Mountain Kingdom.


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