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Statistically impossible.

2nd Edition of the SnowKidz Final Report has arrived
The 1st SnowKidz report has been huge success with over 13’000 downloads and more than 36’300 views online. Feedback from readers was very positive and many noted the statistics provided have been helpful in their decision to stage and attend events.
Following on from the success of the first report, the 2nd edition of the SnowKidz report has been released. The report looks at a number of aspects of the SnowKidz program including global reach, support from program partners, social media growth, Organiser feedback and statistics on the events themselves. From all the anaylsis of most interest is the data gathered from the public surveys. Feedback from the public revealed interesting points such the most common reason for non-participants not attending events is …. Or that …..

As well as helping SnowKidz Organisers, FIS hopes that by publishing the data, key stakeholders in the snow sports industry can gain a better insight into the snow sports customers and make educated decisions on their products.

To view the report or download a copy hit the link below:


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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