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The key to Austria's success

How Austria became a children snow paradise
The popularity of snow sports in Austria is known worldwide. Not only does the country boast some of the worlds top athletes but also some of the most recognisable ski resorts. Interestingly when looked at closely though, much of the popularity resides within the country and much of this has to do with the success of their nationwide project; Schools Snow Sport Project.

Started more than 10 years ago, the Schools Snow Sport project is coordinated by the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV). The goal of the project is very simple, break down the barriers for school children to try snow sports and engage a future generation. To achieve this, the ÖSV worked with ski resorts nationwide and began offering free or heavily discounted ski passes for school kids. To obtain the passes schools need only plan a trip to their local resort mid-week, then login into the ÖSV website, apply for the passes and then attend the ski resort for the planned trip. Once there, they will be able to obtain the lift passes. To make planning the trips even easier ÖSV are also able to assist with arranging ski instructors and equipment rental for the children.

To date over 100’000 children have taken advantage of the program and with plans to continue the project in the future this number is set to grow.

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