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Welcome to the enhanced FIS SnowKidz website

Over the last 8 months FIS have been working hard with the Bring Children to the Snow team to create an updated and enhanced FIS SnowKidz website. FIS feels that through this new website the FIS SnowKidz program will be strengthened as organiser will be able to communicate their best practices and the world will be able to find and participate in event easier. Here are some of the new features of the website:

Registration System: The registration system enables Organisers to register themselves and become officially recognised as a FIS SnowKidz Organiser. Click here to register

Find an Event System: One of the new and exciting features of the website is the Find an Event system. With this new system the world can now find events and begin making plans to attend. Click here to Find an Event

Reporting System: The reporting system allows Organisers to submit reports of their events for the public to track and see how an event has unfolded. The reporting system will also enable organisers to keep a track of their own events and see how they have grown. Click here to view

Toolkit: The FIS SnowKidz Toolkit is full of great items for organisers to download and produce. The Toolkit has a multitude of items and each template is free to download. To access the Toolkit you must become an event organiser. Click here to register

Event Ideas Section: One of the much anticipated features of the enhanced website is the FIS SnowKidz Cookbooks. The new Cookbooks aim to give potential organisers further ideas of actions or events that can take place to bring children to the snow. Currently the section has three brand new cookbooks and over the coming months more cookbooks will be uploaded for people to view and organisers to gain ideas from. Click here to view

Awards Section: One of the most exciting items of the entire FIS SnowKidz program is the FIS SnowKidz award. The biennial award is presented at each International Ski Congress and recognises countries best efforts to bring children to the snow. Click here to view

In addition to all these great features the FIS SnowKidz website now also has an official Event Planning Manual, full social media system including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as well as a full picture gallery for the everyone to see the great work organsiers are doing around the world to bring children to the snow.

Spend some time on the website and check out the great new features.


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