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Welcome to SnowKidz the Snow Dad

Former World Cup racer, olympian and dad Andrej Miklavc joins SnowKidz
Andrej Miklavc is not your average dad. After competing for 27 years in ski racing 13 of which were on the World Cup circuit, Andrej retired and become an awesome dad. Within in a short space of time he completed his university education, commentated for slovenian national TV, joined the management team at one of Europes largest telecommuncations companies Debitel AG and wrote the popular parenting book “The Sportskid Whisperer”. However all this could not compare to when he became a proud father.

Now Andrej has joined the Bring Children to the Snow team as a guest editor along side the The Brave Ski Mom and Patrick Thorne. "My life has been always connected to alpine skiing since I was 2 years old. Being active racer gave me the opportunity to explore all aspects of skiing and gave me the life time opportunity to travel, learn and meet different people, cultures and countries. Later on when I became a proud father, I started to face challenges every parent does. How to support and encourage their kids in sport and in life? I found Sport gives parents and kids amazing opportunity to have fun, to learn valuable skills, to be connected with likeminded people, to learn failure is an important step toward progress and achieving life goals. Living and helping others to give always their best became my mission and I found it so easily to learn in sport especially in skiing. "

We welcome Andrej to the team keep a look out for his articles.


Prince Snow Kids 30 November 2018
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