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Welcome to the family Brave Ski Mom

Welcome to the SnowKidz family the Brave Ski Mom
Hailing from Colorado (USA) Kristen Lummis, or as she is better known, the Brave Ski Mom, is an avid skier and true family mum in every sense of the word.

Obsessed with skiing since she was a child, Kristen and her husband Jamie have been privileged to share their love of winter and snow with two sons.
Both boys began skiing at a young age and by the time they hit grade school, they were as obsessed as their parents. Winter days were filled with skiing, while winter evenings were filled with ski movies.

DVD after DVD would find its way into her home and family dinners were often punctuated with famous Warren Miller jokes and quotes and discussions of the boys’ latest big mountain heroes.

In 2010 Kristen started the Brave Ski Mom website. The blog shares her experiences as a mum of children in snow sports with the aim of helping future and current parents enjoy snow sports with their children. Her tips, ideas and perspectives are something all parents can use and relate to.

“Skiing has brought our family together like nothing else. From the time our boys were toddlers to today, when they are nearly grown young men, spending time on snow together brings each of us great joy. It’s my privilege to help inspire other families and to promote the wonder that is skiing and snowboarding. I’m honored to partner with FIS in doing so.”

Keep a look out for the Brave Ski Mom articles don’t forget to visit her blog for more tips.


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