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gosnow.ch release annual report

Switzerland national snow program for kids releases annual report

The Skilager (snow sport camp), was a mainstay of Swiss schools and the primary reason why many Swiss children took up snow sports. Unfortunately during the 1990’s Skilagers began to disappear, but now Gosnow.ch has set out to bring back the Skilager.

Launched in 2015, gosnow.ch is a nationwide programme supported by the Swiss Federal Government, Swiss-Ski, the Cable Ways Association of Switzerland and the Swiss Teachers Union.

To achieve its goal, gosnow.ch works with various stakeholders in ski destinations throughout Switzerland to create ski lift, lesson, rental, accommodation and transport packages at an affordable price. Once developed, the packages are communicated on the gosnow.ch website as well as pushed to schools via the Swiss Teachers Union communication channels. Schools are then able to select which package suits their students best and then book their annual Skilager online. Special “sport camp” teachers are taken on the trips. Under Swiss Law these teachers have third party liability insurance meaning children are covered in case of accidents.

The 2016/17 season saw the first full implementation of the programme. Gosnow.ch has published the results of their first season in an annual report. The report can viewed above


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